Monday, February 15, 2010

Digiteens. New Ways of Sharing Information.

I think teens creating videos to share important information is a great idea. I think thois would be a great school project for High-Schoolers. Some of the information presented, I was not even aware of. The part dealing with death/injury as caused by driving while texting..was actually pretty eye opening to me. I did not realize so many people were dying because of texting. I thought alot of the topics covered were really intresting. It was good to see kids having knowledge of some serious issues..i.e. identity theft. This works well, in teaching other children. Children are far more interested in what their peers have to say as opposed to print or TV media. The video can be viewed here:

I tried to embed the video, however, I keep getting an error. So please check it out by following the link provided.

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