Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Petcha Kutcha

I chose to do my Petcha Kutcha on Healthy Living and Fitness. Here is th link to my google presentation:

Here it is embedded:

I chose to do a voicethread. Here is my link to the voicethread presentation:

Monday, April 26, 2010

the Wizard Of Apps

Ok. this is a take off on The Wizard f oz. This time Dorothy is in search of Apps to use. She wants a saftey app for myspace. She is also looking for a digital footprint application. First topic discussed is Digital Citizenship. We learn how to search for people using PIPL. This, in itself, is kind of scary.
Next they talk about Intelectual property. This deals with applications used for copyright material. Also, how to find material, you can use, that is not copyrighted. She does show a list of some really cool work cited apps. There are quite afew that do the format for you. All you have to do is put in the general information. A site I found usefull was citation machine. Next she goes through research and ways to develop your research. Then we find tools for searching the web. Thre is agreat deal of time spent aiding your information fluency. You are showed many differnt ways to search and find information. More options are given as opposed to just using Google for everything.
Next we talk about Creativity and Innovation. Creativity applications involve digital storytelling. There are differnt websites which aid you in digital storytelling. Included is an app we used in this class..voicethread. Differnt websites are shown that can assist you in animation.
The next topic and last..thankfully is collaboration and communication. Sites such as Twiiter are detailed in this section. Skype and Diigo are also mentioned as apps which aid in communication and colaboration.
I have been to some of the apps that Joyce lists in her presentation. One i had not been to yet I tried was Citation Machine. I love how this app puts your bibliography together. You choose the format and all you need is general information. The app does the ret. I will be using this website for the rest of my college career.
This video is very long and can be found here:

WAtch it here:

Second Life: Orientation.

The video talks about the way in which Second Life is being used in various ways. Second Life is being used for orientations and how to introduce people to Second Life. In all honesty, this video really meant nothing to me. I could enjoy using second life if i had to use it for say a Job Orientation. I mean who wouldnt want to have a make believe character and run around doing stuff in a game style atmosphere on your first day at a new job? Overall, though, i do not see myself ever using Second life. The link is:

YOu can watch it here:

Sam the Media Queen

The video talks about Sam. She is someone who is ultizing technology in almost every aspect of her life. She has a great understanding of most technology. Sam is fiften years old and actually helps college students with their computer problems relating to graphics. She uses her IPOD to read books as opposed to reading an actual book. I guess it works because she is on the honor roll. She spends alot of her time playing World of Warcraft. She also uses her video camera to do a lot of recording. The video can be found here:

You can watch it here:

I have mixed feelings about this video. I can appreciate her use of technology to do school assignments. i can even understand the use of text messaging and video camera stuff. She is a teen afterall. However, to try and praise her countless hours of playing world of warcraft as educational. I disagree. I have tried World of Warcraft and found lots of swearing, sex talk, and countless hours of violence. Im not sure Id want my fifteen year old spending that much time on a game that has that sort of subject matter. I think the downloading books on her Iphone is interesting. If it works then I am cool with it.

Paula and her love of Wikis.

This video details Paula White's incorporation of wikis into her classroom. She, at first, gives examples of Wiki'sshe has done a search for. She notes that she can find subjects related to places to collaborate notes, group collaboration sentences, and teacher practices.However, there is no place for student practices or content related to students when she searchrd available wikis.

Paula says Wikis engage students. Moreover, students want to have choice, authenticity and novel/variety then students will become engaged.
She has incorporated wikis into her fifth grade class. She has students create web pages and discussions on wikis. She claims wikis are motivating. Students want to work on wikis away from school. She then gives examples of students and how they used wiki for various reasons.
She used wikis with 3rd graders as well. She used math activites to teach her students. She used wikis to create conversations. She had students discuss presidential candidates.
She wants other teachers to use wikis and for the whole teacher community to share thoughts and ideas. The video can be found at

You can also watch it here:

I personally, think wikis might be a good tool in educating. Allowing students the oppurtunity to engage in an activity that goes beyond pencil and paper is always a good idea. Technology is rapidly advancing and tools for education are becoming wider with less emphasis on oencil and paper. I think having children create wikis helps them to enhance creativity aspects of their learning as well as subject oriented material.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


My screencast dealt with embedding video into a blog.

Here is the link:

Here is the video

Smart Board use in Elementary Schools

smart board video placed here:

Smart Board use in Elementary Schools

smart board video placed here: This is a pretty scary site which allows you to find all the information you need about anyone. Next, we discussed our presentations over our Pecha Kucha project. The presentations will cover our final exam. Should you opt not to do a presentation, you may do a voicethread in its place.
Our main topic for the day involved Synchronous Conferencing. We were introduced to Skype. We had a conversation with a teacher in Bangkok, Thailand named Jeff. He informed us about international teaching opportunities. This was really interesting. We were able to see Jeff, on screen, as he discussed his job in Bangkok.
The class ended with a course evaluation.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Google Doc Survey

I created a google doc survey relating to movies made in the 80s. You can access the survey by clicking on the following link:

So please click the link and take the survey. I think you will find it fun. I have a huge love for movies from the 80s. I enjoy everything from comedy to horror.

So far, the results on my survey favor the movie, The Breakfast Club and Friday The 13th. Molly Ringwald was selected as favorite actress.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Voice Thread: Learning to Play Guitar

Here is my voicethread "Learning to Play Guitar"

Monday, February 15, 2010

Digiteens. New Ways of Sharing Information.

I think teens creating videos to share important information is a great idea. I think thois would be a great school project for High-Schoolers. Some of the information presented, I was not even aware of. The part dealing with death/injury as caused by driving while texting..was actually pretty eye opening to me. I did not realize so many people were dying because of texting. I thought alot of the topics covered were really intresting. It was good to see kids having knowledge of some serious issues..i.e. identity theft. This works well, in teaching other children. Children are far more interested in what their peers have to say as opposed to print or TV media. The video can be viewed here:

I tried to embed the video, however, I keep getting an error. So please check it out by following the link provided.

Project Learning: Is it for Everyone?

I watched the video based on Project Learning. Basically, students pick a topic and spend the year/semester planning field trips and working on research for this topic. I, personally, think this is a pretty neat idea. I do not, however, feel that this works for everybody. I understand technology has come a long way and teachers are trying to implement it more and more in todays classes. HOwever, i am not entirely opposed to "old school" teaching. I think students can have just as much fun and learn with hands on activities without necessarily using technology. The school i did my observation at did not have that many computers. So where are these students supposed to make their slide shows, should a teacher decide to implement aproject based learning assignment? I do believe that using a project based learning assignment would teach one aspect of the subject being taught. What about the other aspects of the subject? Should only one topic of Science be covered? Oh well, watch the video and see what you think. The video can be viewed here:

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Student Independent Learning Project

here is the link to the video i watched.

Here is the video:

Sign of the Times. Luis Story.

Technology is impacting our youth at a growing rate. Over the past few weeks we have been introduced to teens and younger children who use technology as a way of advancing education and helping those around them. Luis, in this case, not only uses technology as tool in education but also to help his parents at home. He is utilizing the internet to help his parent pay bills and manage personal interests. Luis also uses technology to help those around him. I think this is a growing trend. More and more students are becoming technologically advanced. What is great to see, though, are these kids (Luis included) using their knowledge of computers, help those around them. Even brighter, is that they are using technology for education purposes as opposed to just playing gsames. The video can be viewed here:" name="movie"/>" play="false" pluginspage="" name="video" quality="best" flashvars="flvPath="/>

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Some interesting blogs to check out.

High Tech Classrooms: Norm?

This video showed a classroom which was technologically superior to any classroom I was ever a part of. I am learning as my journey towards becoming a teacher reaches its end, that technology has and is continuing to advance as time goes by. From using online videos to instruct to a cool website called I think Rachel is just showing what will become inevitable. That being, classrooms inundated with technology to aid in teaching. You can view the video at your own leisure at the following address.
As I watch these videos I become more and more amazed at the level of technological expertise that teachers and students have achieved.

Nafiza Tech Wizad

Nafiza uses technology to help those around her learn. Technology is a major part of her life and she uses various methods to aid in her own learning. I think this video goes to show how far technology has come in our schools. Even more impressive, is that students are utilizing this technology to further enhance their own education. AS they grasp the technology they seek to advise others how to use the technology to their advantage.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cameron: An Inspiration

The video Cameron, showcases a young man who uses technology to help advance learning for himself and those around him. By utilizing technology, he makes the topics interesting and easy for others to understand. I think what Cameron is doing is becoming more prevalent in todays schools. That being the incresed use of technology to teach. WHile Cameron has certainly taken it to a higher level, I think most children are using technology even if only on a limited basis. I will highly encourage the use of technolgy as a learning tool. I feel this helps students learn easier. It is a much more fun approach to teaching that by spoon feeding them information and expexting them to just churn out data. The video can be viewed at the following link:

Monday, January 18, 2010

First Blog

I am an elementary ed major. I want to teach either 4th or 5th grade. I am currently a junior at UCO. I want to. hopefully, make a difference in the lives of children. I hope to be agood role model for those who desperately need one in their life.