Monday, April 26, 2010

Paula and her love of Wikis.

This video details Paula White's incorporation of wikis into her classroom. She, at first, gives examples of Wiki'sshe has done a search for. She notes that she can find subjects related to places to collaborate notes, group collaboration sentences, and teacher practices.However, there is no place for student practices or content related to students when she searchrd available wikis.

Paula says Wikis engage students. Moreover, students want to have choice, authenticity and novel/variety then students will become engaged.
She has incorporated wikis into her fifth grade class. She has students create web pages and discussions on wikis. She claims wikis are motivating. Students want to work on wikis away from school. She then gives examples of students and how they used wiki for various reasons.
She used wikis with 3rd graders as well. She used math activites to teach her students. She used wikis to create conversations. She had students discuss presidential candidates.
She wants other teachers to use wikis and for the whole teacher community to share thoughts and ideas. The video can be found at

You can also watch it here:

I personally, think wikis might be a good tool in educating. Allowing students the oppurtunity to engage in an activity that goes beyond pencil and paper is always a good idea. Technology is rapidly advancing and tools for education are becoming wider with less emphasis on oencil and paper. I think having children create wikis helps them to enhance creativity aspects of their learning as well as subject oriented material.

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