Monday, April 26, 2010

Sam the Media Queen

The video talks about Sam. She is someone who is ultizing technology in almost every aspect of her life. She has a great understanding of most technology. Sam is fiften years old and actually helps college students with their computer problems relating to graphics. She uses her IPOD to read books as opposed to reading an actual book. I guess it works because she is on the honor roll. She spends alot of her time playing World of Warcraft. She also uses her video camera to do a lot of recording. The video can be found here:

You can watch it here:

I have mixed feelings about this video. I can appreciate her use of technology to do school assignments. i can even understand the use of text messaging and video camera stuff. She is a teen afterall. However, to try and praise her countless hours of playing world of warcraft as educational. I disagree. I have tried World of Warcraft and found lots of swearing, sex talk, and countless hours of violence. Im not sure Id want my fifteen year old spending that much time on a game that has that sort of subject matter. I think the downloading books on her Iphone is interesting. If it works then I am cool with it.

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  1. I have not played WOW but from what I understand from my friends who do, it really matters who is in your guild and the rules you play by. There are definitely lots of folks doing lots of swearing, but there are also guilds that don't tolerate any profanity at all. So I think that experience varies.