Monday, April 26, 2010

the Wizard Of Apps

Ok. this is a take off on The Wizard f oz. This time Dorothy is in search of Apps to use. She wants a saftey app for myspace. She is also looking for a digital footprint application. First topic discussed is Digital Citizenship. We learn how to search for people using PIPL. This, in itself, is kind of scary.
Next they talk about Intelectual property. This deals with applications used for copyright material. Also, how to find material, you can use, that is not copyrighted. She does show a list of some really cool work cited apps. There are quite afew that do the format for you. All you have to do is put in the general information. A site I found usefull was citation machine. Next she goes through research and ways to develop your research. Then we find tools for searching the web. Thre is agreat deal of time spent aiding your information fluency. You are showed many differnt ways to search and find information. More options are given as opposed to just using Google for everything.
Next we talk about Creativity and Innovation. Creativity applications involve digital storytelling. There are differnt websites which aid you in digital storytelling. Included is an app we used in this class..voicethread. Differnt websites are shown that can assist you in animation.
The next topic and last..thankfully is collaboration and communication. Sites such as Twiiter are detailed in this section. Skype and Diigo are also mentioned as apps which aid in communication and colaboration.
I have been to some of the apps that Joyce lists in her presentation. One i had not been to yet I tried was Citation Machine. I love how this app puts your bibliography together. You choose the format and all you need is general information. The app does the ret. I will be using this website for the rest of my college career.
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  1. Good reflection. I like Citation Machine, but also BibMe.