Monday, January 18, 2010

First Blog

I am an elementary ed major. I want to teach either 4th or 5th grade. I am currently a junior at UCO. I want to. hopefully, make a difference in the lives of children. I hope to be agood role model for those who desperately need one in their life.


  1. We need more male teachers in elementary schools, Mike, and I commend you for your idealism.

    It's sometimes amazing the difference even a few kind words can make in the life of another person. I also wanted to teach elementary students, and still enjoy teaching that age (4th and 5th grade) the most.

  2. I love that you want to the role model that some students have never had! Making a classroom a home away from, where a student is freee to explore different ideas and not be afraid of being wrong, but learning how to fix the problem is my main goal.

    Both my parents have done that for their students, they still have students that have been graguated for years call them and tell them what a difference they made in their lives! I can't only hope i do that for my students!! :)